Quality Association for Medical Software


The Quality Association for Medical Software e.V. (QMS) is a consortium of software vendors and healthcare providers. This includes systems integrators, medical device manufacturers, suppliers of specialized computer hardware, and software companies in the consulting sector as well as for example statutory health physicians associations, and related facilities.

The association works on standards for interoperability of medical computer software, and therefore examines, develops, promotes, and maintains the quality, efficiency and security of software to enhance the (public) health care system in order to reduce its costs.

This leads to the QMS, at present with the following activities:

  • Standardization of interfaces for linking devices to medical computer systems (GDT 3.0).
  • Certification of GDT 2.
  • Electronic communications in physicians networks and with laboratories (content, transport, security and authentification).
  • Development of software interoperability standards using xDT data structures and further improving them by using the XML standard (BDT 3.0, LDT 3.0, …).


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